Margaret Gibbs

Margaret Gibbs Joined the Settlement Players Circa 1972 and has credits spanning 10 years, appearing on stage in 19 Productions.

Acting Credits

Court Lady in The White Falcon, November 1972
Violante del Ponte Nero in The Laboratory , February 1973
Marion Nairne in The Noble Spaniard , May 1973
Sally Grant in The Servant , May 1974
Mistress Knepp in And so to bed , February 1975
Lesley Hallam in Daughter of the Left Hand , May 1975
Clara Eynsford-Hill in Pygmalion, February 1976
Myra Arundel in Hay Fever, May 1976
Helen in Mixed Doubles, Festivals April 1977
Maud Boothroyd in Lloyd George knew my father, May 1977
Cynthia in The Real Inpector Hound, May 1978
Mrs Erlynne in Lady Windermere’s Fan, November 1978
Lady Laetitia in The Two Gentlemen of Soho, Festivals April 1979
Mrs Sullen in The Beaux Strategem, November 1979
Cynthia in The Real Inspector Hound, Festivals April 1980
Kitty Stratton in Thark, November 1980
Maud Caragnani in Come into The Garden Maud, April 1981
Nurse in All’s Well That Ends Well, November 1981
Alice Fisher in Billy Liar, May 1982

Technical Credits


Black Comedy, February 1973


The Taming of the Shrew , November 1973