The Shaughraun

The Shaughraun by Dion Boucicault

19 – 20 November 1992

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[wptabtitle] Cast[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

Mistress Claire FFolliott : Frances Gaynor

Mrs O’Kelly : Joyce Elson

Captain Molineux : John Timms

Mistress Arte O’Neal : Claire Fleming

Corry Kinchela : John Smedley

Father Dolan : Ray Bromelow

Harvey Duff : John Moules

Moya : Pat Phillips

Conn, The Shaughraun : Douglas Harding

Sergeant Jones of the 41st : John Elson

Peasants : Stephen Gaynor, David Strong, Haydn Stradling, Charles Middleton

Keeners : Valerie Coles, Rita Prodger, Winnie Stubbs, Barbara Brockway


[wptabtitle] Crew[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

Director : Diana Evans and Noel Ripley

Stage Manager : Rita Downing

Assistant Stage Managers : Stephen Gaynor, Hedley Parkins, David Strong

Lighting : Peter Fleming

Sound : William Heaton

Prompt : Val Searle

Properties : Margaret Bachini

Costumes : Ruth Ferguson

Set Devised : Noel Ripley , John Elson, William Heaton, Robert Evans, David Fyfe, Hedley Parkins