The Shaughraun

The Shaughraun by Dion Boucicault   19th – 20th November 1992

Melodrama. Robert Ffolliott is a young Irish lad sent off to a penal colony in Australia following false accusations by the greedy Kinchella. Conn the Shaughraun comes to his rescue, helps him to escape from the prison ship and return to Ireland where he is united with his sweetheart.

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Mistress Claire FFolliott : Frances Gaynor

Mrs O’Kelly : Joyce Elson

Captain Molineux : John Timms

Mistress Arte O’Neal : Claire Fleming

Corry Kinchela : John Smedley

Father Dolan : Ray Bromelow

Harvey Duff : John Moules

Moya : Pat Phillips

Conn, The Shaughraun : Douglas Harding

Sergeant Jones of the 41st : John Elson

Peasants : Stephen Gaynor, David Strong, Haydn Stradling, Charles Middleton

Keeners : Valerie Coles, Rita Prodger, Winnie Stubbs, Barbara Brockway


Director : Diana Evans and Noel Ripley

Stage Manager : Rita Downing

Assistant Stage Managers : Stephen Gaynor, Hedley Parkins, David Strong

Lighting : Peter Fleming

Sound : William Heaton

Prompt : Val Searle

Properties : Margaret Bachini

Costumes : Ruth Ferguson

Set Devised : Noel Ripley , John Elson, William Heaton, Robert Evans, David Fyfe, Hedley Parkins