The Ghost Train

The Ghost Train by Arnold Ridley   18-20 February 1982

Arnold Ridley’s classic drama was first produced in 1925 and filmed numerous times. A very silly young man accidentally strands six passengers at a small Cornish wayside station. Despite the pyschic stationmaster’s weird stories of a ghost train, they decide to stay the night in the waiting room.

82 ghost train inner

82-ghost-train-extra1 Cast

Saul Hodgkin, Station Master : John Moules

Richard Winthrop : Douglas Harding

Elsie, his wife : Frances Gaynor

Charles Murdock : Peter Lee

Peggy, his newly married wife : Diana Evans

Miss Bourne : Ella Edwards

Teddie Deakin : Simon Pearsall

Julia Price : Rita Downing

Herbert Price : John Cruse

John Sterling : Bill Turner

Jackson : Bob Cross

Policeman : William Heaton


Director : Winnie Stubbs

Stage Managers : Peter Baverstock, David Fyfe

Lighting : Kevin Dunnicliffe

Sound : David Fyfe, Joanna Fyfe

Prompt : Joyce Elson

Properties : Jackie Miller

Set design : Peter Baverstock

Décor : Peter Baverstock

Set construction : David Fyfe, William Heaton, Ashley Garling