Talking Heads & Tails – A Woman of Letters; Black and Silver; Cast Off Five

Talking Heads & Tails, a triple bill of short plays by Alan Bennett, Michael Frayn and Audrey McBain

25 -27 May 1995

95 heads inner


A Woman of Letters

Miss Ruddock : Elaine Willers

Black and Silver

Husband : Terry Waller

Wife : Pat Phillips

Cast of Five

Daphne : Val Barber

Harry : Ray Bromelow

Pauline : Valerie Coles

Kay : Claire Fleming

Bobby : Liz Pybus


A Woman of Letters

Director : Michael Everitt

Black and Silver

Director : Geoffrey Palmer

Cast off Five

Director : Pat Baskerville

Stage Manager : Wendy Roskilly

Lighting : Peter Fleming

Sound : William Heaton

Prompt : Joyce Elson

Costumes : Claire Fleming

Properties : Margaret Bachini

Set construction : David Fyfe, Jon Newham, John Elson, William Heaton,
Robert Evans, John Baskerville