Mary Thorne

Mary Thorne by Ella Edwards. Adapted for the stage from the novel Dr Thorne by Anthony Trollope    18th-20th May 1989

The novel is mainly concerned with the romantic problems of Mary Thorne, niece of Doctor Thomas Thorne, and Frank Gresham, the only son of the local squire, although Trollope as the omniscient narrator assures the reader at the beginning that the hero is really the doctor.

Themes of the book are the social pain and exclusion caused by illegitimacy, the nefarious effects of the demon drink and the difficulties of romantic attachments outside one’s social class. The novel also gives a vivid picture of electioneering and all the barely legal shenanigans that accompany the event. Most of the action takes place in a village of Barsetshire and a country house not far off.

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Squire Gresham : Ray Bromslow

Lady Arabella : Rita Downing

Frank Gresham : Mark Hopkins

Beatrice : Rachel Cullen

Augusta : Val Searle

Countess De Courcey : Valerie Coles

Lady Margaretta : Debbie Morris

Dr Thorne : Joe Wiles

Mary Thorne : Liz Pybus

Janet : Vivienne Fussey

Patience Oriel : Danielle Parry

Sir Roger Scatcherd : John Moules

Lady Scatcherd : Rita Prodger

Ladies and Gentlemen : Barbara Brockway, Joyce Elson , Betty Harvey, Wendy Roskilly , John Elson, John Baskerville


Director : Ella Edwards

Assistant Directors : Noel Ripley , Mary Finlayson

Stage Manager : Pat Baskerville

Lighting : William Heaton

Sound : John Baskerville

Properties : Wendy Roskilly , Val Searle

Costumes : William Heaton, Betty Harvey, Mary Finlayson, Joyce Elson , Mel Knights, Dorothy Underwood, Enid Scott, Ruth Ferguson

Prompt : Winnie Stubbs

Set design : Noel Ripley

Set construction : John Elson, William Heaton, David Fyfe, John Baskerville, Robert Evans

Music : Janet Tate