Dancing at Lughnasa

Dancing at Lughnasa by Brian Friel   16th-18th November 1995

A drama set in Ireland’s County Donegal in August 1936 in the fictional town of Ballybeg. It is a memory play told from the point of view of the adult Michael Evans, the narrator. He recounts the summer in his aunts’ cottage when he was seven years old.

95 dancing inner
95 lughnasa display


Michael : Jon Newham

Kate : Frances Gaynor

Maggie : Gillian Crombie

Agnes : Diana Evans

Rose : Claire Fleming

Chris : Liz Pybus

Gerry : Terry Waller

Jack : John Moules


Director : Valerie Coles

Stage Manager : Rita Downing

Lighting : Peter Fleming

Sound : William Heaton

Prompt : Joyce Elson

Costumes : Claire Fleming , Ruth Ferguson

Properties : Margaret Bachini, Wendy Roskilly

Set Design : Noel Ripley

Set construction : David Fyfe, Michael Inskeep , John Elson, William Heaton, Robert Evans, Peter Dewhurst, Nigel Sunderland]