Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw   19-21 February 1976

Romance and satire on class. Henry Higgins, a phonetician, accepts a bet that simply by changing the speech of a Cockney flower seller he will be able, in six months, to pass her off as a duchess.
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Professor Higgins : Roger Newman-Turner

Eliza Doolittle : Ruth Waring

Colonel Pickering : Roger Stubbs

Mrs Eynsford Hill : Joyce Elson

Clara Eynsford Hill : Margaret Gibbs

Freddie Eynsford Hill : Douglas Harding

Mrs Pearce : Betty Ward

Mrs Higgins : Rita Downing

Alfred Doolittle : Michael Symonds

Taximan : Glynn Davies

Hot-Chestnut man : Michael Walker

Bystander : John Elson

Other bystanders : Claire Cockburn, Pat Tomlin, Mary Ann Read, Chris Read


Director : Winnie Stubbs

Stage Manager : Mike Lewis

Prompt : Andy Wallis

Properties : Ann Brook-Smith

Lighting : Mark Gifford

Costumes : The Players