Lady Windermere’s Fan

Lady Windermere’s Fan by Oscar Wilde  16th-18th November 1978

Comedy. Lady Windermere suspects that her husband is having an affair with another woman. She confronts him with it but although he denies it, he invites the other woman, Mrs Erlynne, to his wife’s birthday ball. Angered by her husband’s supposed unfaithfulness, Lady Windermere decides to leave her husband for another lover.

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Lord Windermere : David Simmonds

Lord Darlington : Douglas Harding

Lord Augustus : Colin Cushley

Mr Cecil Graham : Roger Prutton

Mr Dumby : John Elson

Mr Hopper : Bob Cross

Parker the Butler : Rhymer Rigby

Sir James Royston : Glynn Davies

Lady Windermere : Frances Gaynor

The Duchess of Berwick : Rita Downing

Lady Agatha Carlisle : Sarah Connelly

Lady Plymdale : Sheila Gresley

Lady Jedburgh : Winnie Stubbs

Lady Stutfield : Pat Lovelace

Mrs Cowper-Cowper : Joyce Elson

Mrs Erlynne : Margaret Gibbs

Miss Graham : Domini Pettifer

Rosalie : Josephine Carrol


Director : Sue Lamberton

Stage Manager : Hugh Lamberton

Lighting : Mark Gifford

Sound : Paul Harrison

Costumes : Noel Ripley , Elaine Tickle, Renee Ripley

Prompt : Di Prutton

Set construction : Stephen Gaynor, John Elson, Noel Ripley , William Heaton, Daniel Bexfield

Set design : Bill Gulliver

Properties : Ann Brook-Smith