Dark of the Moon

Dark of the Moon by Howard Richardson and William Berney  25th-28th November 1959 at The Little Theatre, Letchworth

Drama set in the Appalachian Mountains and written in an Appalachian dialect, the play centers on the character of John, a witch boy who seeks to become human after falling in love with a human girl, Barbara Allen. Originally written in 1939 as a dramatisation of the centuries-old European folk song “The Ballad of Barbara Allen”

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John, the witch boy : Bill Shanks

Conjur woman : Kathleen Fitzpatrick

Dark Witch : Jacqueline Smedley

Fair Witch : Patricia Smedley

Hank Gudger : Tom Richardson

Miss Metcalf : Joyce Jones

Uncle Smelicue : Joe Platten

Bert Dimwitty : Ken Wilson

Mrs Summey : Joan Dixon

Edna Summey : Jennifer Beattie

Mr Summey : Hugh Bidwell

Mrs Bergen : Agnes Lyons

Floyd Allen : Malcolm Timmis

Barbara Allen : Liz Henshaw

Marvin Hudgens : Stuart Needham

Mrs Allen : Marjorie Manners

Mr Allen : William Pearce

Preacher Haggler : John Elson

Hattie Heffner : Susan Fleming

Singers : Ann Hales and James Golightly

Accordion player : Bob Gilchrist

Harmonica player on tape : Douglas Tate


Producer : Noel Ripley

Stage Manager : Percy Simmonds

Assistant Stage Manager : H.J. Vickery

Prompt : Carl Ganz

Electrician : David Fyfe

Sound effects : Michael Beattie

Sets painter : Wendy Knibbs