Audition Notice

Cast and Crew wanted for the September Members Evening

Performance Date:         5 September 2015

Rehearsals:                     Monday and Wednesday evenings from 20 July 2, plus the two Sunday afternoons before the show

Cast auditions:                Mon 6 and Wed 8 July 2015

Plays:                               Two of the four acts from ‘Duets’ by Peter Quilter

                                          “A warm and funny exploration of love and other bruises”

Duet I Blind Date

Jonathan and Wendy meet through a magazine lonely hearts column and arrange to go on a blind date with a difference: it takes place in Jonathan’s living room. Neither of them has particularly high hopes, having had bad romantic experiences in the past, but gradually they overcome their nerves and awkwardness and agree to make it a proper date over dinner.

Duet IV Bride to Be

Angela is about to get married for the third time. Her brother Toby is on hand to escort her to the church when she gets a serious case of cold feet. On top of this, he has to contend with spilt coffee, a ripped dress and a thunderstorm which ruins her hairdo. With some ingenuity Toby manages to overcome these ‘bad omens’ and persuades Angela to take a chance on Husband Number Three.


(Ages have purposely not been given as this is less important than a good pairing for each play)

Wendy:                     Plain, awkward. Wary after a failed marriage and several bad experiences with men but hopeful that she might still find happiness. Direct and practical with a quick, often self-effacing, wit.

Jonathan:                  Harmless and hopeless. Trying too hard to impress. Still resentful after his fiancée left him for their Concierge on holiday. Still proud of his second prize trophy from a ballroom dancing competition 30 years ago (although he coveted first prize of course).

Angela:                      Vivacious, brave, optimistic. She’s been through some hard times but always comes back fighting. She’s got the big dress and has arranged a lavish wedding but faced with the reality of a third marriage she is suddenly full of doubt and she’s looking for reassurance or a ‘sign’ that she’s doing the right thing.

Toby:                          Angela’s big brother. They are close, especially since they lost both their parents. He always has a smart reply and speaks his mind about other people’s faults. Playing the cynical bachelor he’s actually terrified of commitment and in awe of his sister who is willing to risk it all for the chance of happiness.


Please email me if you are interested/available for the following roles. Although this is not a main production there are several challenges we will need to get our heads together about!

Stage Manager



Set designer

Set construction




My email address is

Jo Roskilly