Audition Notice

Audition Notice for the November production 12-14th November 2015.

Ladies of Spirit by Georgina Reid, Directed by David Smith

The synopsis of the play

Gibraltar School was founded as a school for young ladies by the two dear old Misses Pye, now deceased.  The long-suffering teachers now have their lives made miserable not only by their pupils but also by the present headmistress, Miss Rowe, known universally as “Hard Rowe”.  Since Gibraltar is a private school, they resign themselves to the fact that there is little they can do about it, but they find help coming from a very unexpected quarter indeed.

The period of the play is the 1960’s, and is set in the staff room at Gibraltar School, Hartmouth.

The cast is as follows:-

Miss Rowe – headmistress – 45+ – not a nice lady.

Miss Maudesley – sweet-faced gentle person of 61

Miss Hattie Pye – previous Headmistress (deceased)

Miss Mattie Pye – previous Headmistress (deceased)   Hattie and Mattie Pye are sisters – no specific age but probably around 50-60 – one sister slightly bossier than the other, but both rather fun

Mrs Emmett – mother of one of the pupils – common and truculent – no specific age – 40+

Sally (the Secretary) – slightly simple – head always in a dictionary – young – mid-20’s upwards

Jane Cox – cares for colleagues / pupils – youngish – up to mid 30’s

May Danvers – a few years younger than Miss Rowe – elegantly dressed and inclined to gush to Miss Rowe when not actively unpleasant.

Mrs Thorpe – shabby matron type of around 40ish

I am happy to be flexible with the age of the characters, so as not to exclude anyone from auditioning for a specific role; however, that flexibility may naturally require a minimum / maximum age limit dependant on the character being portrayed.

There may be some reading this who are new(ish) or a long-standing member and would like to assist me in a backstage role (a lack of experience or confidence would not exclude you as we can muddle through together J), so please have a think and let me know if you would be interested in being the Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, Lighting, Sound, Costumes, Set Design, etc.

I have purchased 10 copies (9 now, 1 to follow) of the script, which I will leave at the Settlement dressing room, so people can sign that they have taken a copy away before the auditions. (Please return them, so others may have a chance to look at the script.)

I intend to have a workshop style audition, where people will be moving about and interacting with each other using small scenes from the book – so each character has the chance to shine (as can you).

I am looking to hold 3 auditions on: Sunday 28th June 3pm, Monday 29th June 8pm and Wednesday 1st July 8pm. If anyone cannot make those dates, but would like to audition for a role, or more than one role, then we can try and set up a date / time when that can be done. (I will be performing “Much Ado About Nothing” at the Queen Mother Theatre – so will be busy for the two weeks before the auditions, but I’ll endeavour to find time.)

If you need to talk to me about any aspect of the production or characters, then please call me on 01462 672922 or 07903 197922, or e-mail me on

I hope that you will be able to make the audition.

Kind regards,

David Smith