Audition notice

Audition Notice

The ladykillers by Graham Linehan

I shall be holding auditions for the June production at 8.00pm on Wednesday 25th February and at 3.00pm on Sunday 1st March at the Settlement.

This very funny stage adaptation of one of my all-time favourite movies is written by one of the country’s best contemporary comedy writers.


Constable Macdonald               An upright custodian of the law

Mrs Louisa Wilberforce             A lady

Professor Marcus                     The Mastermind

Major Courtney                         A con man

Harry Robinson                        An up and coming thug

One-round                                The Muscle

Louis Harvey                            A stone cold killer

Mrs Jane Tromleyton               A friend of Mrs Wilberforce

Mrs Wilberforce’s friends         At least 6 friends who come to the party

I’m also going to need a few “extras”, male and female, for a short filmed segment.

For Mrs Wilberforce’s friends I need at least 6 actresses of any age who can stay in character and ad lib a bit. You will be making a noisy entrance and exit and will be on stage over two scenes. I do realise that we will have to use make-up and costume to make you look older and less glamourous than you all actually are but you’re actresses and this is the magic of theatre.

I hope that I shall see you at one of the auditions. I’m really looking forward to this one.

Jim Anderson.