Settlement Players casts announced for September and November

In September, at our Opening Night, Jim Anderson shall be directing his own play, The second night. The cast for this play is,

Announcer   –   James Barnard

Leno              –   Stuart Cocks

Rosemary     –   Sam Powell

On the same night, Lisa Cooper will be directing All by Myself by Robert Scott. The cast for this one is,

Larry            –    Stephen Charles

Pemberton –    James Barnard

Ashworth    –    Lewis Muir

Miller           –    Christine Low

Nicholson    –   Wimal Alahakon

Then, in November, Jo Roskilly will be directing our first main production of the 2018-2019 season, Sex, Drugs & Rick ‘n’ Noel by David Tristram. The cast for this is,

Rick                         –    Stuart Cocks

Noel                        –    Ivan Phillips

Maxine                   –    Diane Morrad

Helen and Rachel –    Amanda Franklin

The Rick ‘n’ Noellers (chorus)   –   Kara Lee, George White, Jessica Landy, Val Barber, Christine Low, Alison Muir + male vocalist tbc

Three good casts for, what I hope will be, three very good plays. I hope to see you at all of them.