September Opening Evening One Act Audition Notice

Audition Notice:
Three Tables by Dan Remmes which is approximately 35 minutes long.
Auditions are Sunday 9th July at 10am and Monday 10th July at 8pm. Performance is Saturday 9th September

There are 3 couples having dinner in a restaurant plus a very small part of a waiter with a couple of lines. There is not much in the way of staging – 3 tables in a restaurant with 2 chairs at each table. The conversations alternate between the tables. Not much action but nice dialogue and good characterisation for actors to get their teeth into. There are restaurant type props but the only meal that is served is a salad with some bread and everyone ends up with a drink at some point. The play is American but I think I am going to change the American references to British ones thus avoiding the need for American accents.

Waiter – ideally male – with very few lines but some well timed entrances.

Paul & Mandy – a couple celebrating their 5 year anniversary although the evening doesn’t really go to plan….

Barbara and Michael – Barbara is trying to get Michael to sign the divorce papers.. but Michael has other ideas…

Doris and Todd – what do you get when you have a lawyer and a therapist out on a blind date…??

With regards to ages – all ages are pretty flexible but do depend on how each character interacts with the other people cast. The script suggests 30s for everyone but I think anyone between the ages of 24 and 50ish should consider coming down for a read through.

Rehearsals will be during the summer holidays – after an initial read through, just after casting, I hope to meet again in August when everyone is pretty much off book. This means rehearsals will be about characterisation and interaction and we will have the freedom to experiment. This also means things move nice and quickly in rehearsals. As the play is mainly a series of duologues rehearsals can initially be in couples on different nights, but everyone will need to be available for the last 2 weeks of rehearsals.

I am really looking forward to seeing you all at the audition – this play is funny yet thought provoking so it will be a lot of fun to do. If you are keen to be considered but cannot make the auditions please contact me on

Thank you!

Sam – Director