Reading For February Play

Initial reading date : WEDNESDAY 10th October , 8.05pm at The Settlement.  Meet in the canteen.

Performance dates : 21st, 22nd and 23rd February 2013

Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime by Constance Cox from a story by Oscar Wilde

This is a period piece, very witty as you would expect, and lots of good parts.

As usual, I am not bothered with staying too rigorously with the ages, I am more interested in using people who are keen to be in the play.  However, as we have virtually no “older” ladies we will perhaps have to do some aging up on one of the characters.  One person I cannot do without and that is a COSTUME supervisor.  I really cannot cope with directing the play and all that entails and sorting out the costumes as well.  In fact, I am not prepared to do the play unless I get some help with costume.  Let me know asap if you are interested.   If you are not sure what it will entail, then I can tell you.

I have set a date (above) for an initial reading, this does not preclude you from auditioning if you cannot attend – there will be others.  I would like to get started in October on reading through the play together with the cast, but if you are in the November production you would, of course, only start after that had finished if dates clashed. However, I do need to know asap if anyone is interested and cannot come on the 10th.   Phone me 01462 623959 or email on  I have a couple of copies of the play if anyone wants to read it beforehand.  This is the cast in order of appearance:-

Baines, the butler :   Baines and Lord Arthur have a “Jeeves & Wooster” thing going on and he should appear a little older than Lord Arthur, but not necessarily a lot!  He is far from decrepit and has some good lines.

Lord Arthur Savile :  Youngish but not overburdened with brains.

Sybil Merton ; his fiancée.  Similar age or younger than Lord Arthur.  Charming.  Wears nice clothes, as do all the ladies.

The Dean of Paddington : Lord Arthur’s uncle so older than him but spry although a little absent minded.

Lady Windemere : Lord Arthur’s Aunt.  Beautiful, in her 40s.

Lady Beauchamp : His Great-Aunt so in her 60s but still delightful, of course.

Lady Julia : Sybil’s mother.  Somewhat in her dignity, not a warm woman.

Mr. Podgers : a Cheiromantist (he reads palms).

Nellie, the maid.  Usual maid part but has some good funny lines.

Herr Wineklkoff : the anarchist.  A voluble, excitable German.  Great Character part.  There is a picture of John Elson playing this part in the Elson dressing room – together with bomb.

I really hope that lots of you will be interested enough to come along and get involved.  I think it will be a delightful  play to do, lots of fun and great costumes and I am sure we will get good audiences.  We will, of course, stop rehearsals around Christmas and that’s why I want to get started in October.  February can be a depressing time of year so why not have something enjoyable to look forward to!

See you on the 10th.