The Two Gentlemen of Soho

The Two Gentlemen of Soho by A. P. Herbert
Performed 06 April 1979 at the Letchworth Little Theatre 17th Drama Festival 05-07 April 1979

Also performed at the Welwyn festival

Comedy. Soho in the Twenties. A detective from Scotland Yard is undercover at a nightclub in the hopes of discovering after hours drinking. Meanwhile, a private detective is following the Duchess of Canterbury in the hopes of finding her in a compromising situation.

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The Duchess of Canterbury : Rita Downing

Hubert, her dancing partner : Roger Prutton

Topsy : Elaine Barron

Plum, a public detective : John Moules

Lady Laetitia : Margaret Gibbs

Lord Withers : David Simmonds

The Waiter : John Elson

Sneak, a private detective : Glynn Davies


Director: Noel Ripley

Musical Direction and Pianist: R Snape

Stage Manager: William Heaton


Letchworth Little Theatre Drama Festival 1979:

Plowman Festival Winner trophy