Mute Swan

Mute Swan, A Fantasy by Winifred Wall

Performed 10th June 1947 at the Welwyn Drama Festival

Information from 1947 Welwyn Drama Festival Programme, Welwyn Resource Library Ref: 792 Local Studies

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Miss Primrose (Wardrobe Mistress) : Molly Booth

Jennifer (Member Swan Lake Ballet Company) : Barbara Bird

Helen (Member Swan Lake Ballet Company) : Sybil Foster

Sonia (Member Swan Lake Ballet Company) : Ida Price

Joan (Member Swan Lake Ballet Company) : Sheila Birdsey

Ballet Mistress : Nora Spinks

Russian Ballerina : Ella Edwards

Mrs Hutchinson (Her Dresser) : Kathleen Fitzpatrick

The Figure in Gold : Sheila Davey

The Shepherd : Ken Spinks


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Director : Ken Spinks