Rumours by Neil Simon

18-20 November 2004

Comedy farce. A dinner party with a series of extraordinary events.

04 rumours iner
img48604 rumours extra


Christine Bevans:  Pat Phillips

Ken Bevans:   Douglas Harding

Claire Cummings:   Claire Fleming

Leonard Cummings:   Jon Newham

Cookie Cusack:   Sheena Cook

Ernest Cusack:   Rhymer Rigby

Cassie Cooper:   Deborah Brady

Glenn Cooper:   Vince Cook

Officer Conklin:   Stuart Cocks

Officer Casey:   Nicole Ashbrook


Director:   Ruth Ferguson

Stage Management:   Tracy Rudeforth, John Baskerville

Prompt:   Joyce Elson

Set Design:   John Baskerville

Lighting Design:   Peter Fleming

Sound:   Robert Evans, Nigel Sunderland

Properties:   Margaret Bachini

Costumes:   Andrea Butler

Publicity Photographs:   Samantha Powell

Programme:   Nicole Ashbrook

Set Builders:   John Elson, Robert Evans, Tim Bennett, David Fyfe, Michael Inskeep, Tracy Rudeforth, Lindsay Rudeforth, Nigel Sunderland