Building Blocks

Building Blocks by Bob Larbey  19-21 June 2003

A dramatic comedy. Jim and Mary Baxter are in the middle of one of life’s major traumas, they are having an extension built on to their house. A great deal of their time is taken up with negotiating with the builder, the charming but evasive David.


Mark:   Stuart Cocks

Piper:   Ivan Phillips

Jim Baxter:   Douglas Harding

Mary Baxter:   Karen Williams

David:   John Moules

Brian: Vince Cook


Director:   Claire Fleming

Stage Managers:   John Baskerville, Tracy Rudeforth

Prompt:   Joyce Elson

Set Design:   The Players

Lighting:   Peter Fleming

Sound:   Peter Fleming

Properties:   Margaret Bachini

Costumes:   Andrea Butler, The Players

Set Builders/Decorators:   John Elson, Robert Evans, David Fyfe, Michael Inskeep, Claire Fleming , Peter Fleming, Tracy Rudeforth