The Killing of Sister George

The Killing of Sister George by Frank Marcus  11th-13th June 1987

Sister George is a beloved character in the popular radio series Applehurst, a district nurse who ministers to the medical needs and personal problems of the local villagers. When George discovers that her character is scheduled to be killed off, she becomes increasingly impossible to work and live with.

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June Buckridge, Sister George : Barbara Brockway

Alice Mcnaught, Childie : Wendy Roskilly

Mrs Mercy Croft : Anne Reid

Madame Xenia : Ruth Ferguson


Director : Elaine Willers

Décor : John Elson, Stephen Gaynor, John Baskerville

Stage Crew : John Elson, William Heaton, David Fyfe

Lighting : Mark Gifford

Sound : William Heaton

Prompt : Joyce Elson

Costumes : The Players

Properties : Pat Baskerville