The Edge of Darkness

The Edge of Darkness by Brian Clemens

19 -21 February 1998

Thriller. A couple bring their long-lost daughter home after finding her in a convent suffering from amnesia; there is much she does not recognise or understand. Why does she appear familiar with certain Russian phrases; why has she such a horror of a harmless silver bell, of a portrait on the wall, of knives? Is she, in fact, Emma Cranwell? Behind these questions looms a menacing mystery which finally erupts into violence and horror.

98 darkness inner
98 edge dark display


Penny : Kath Haverson

Hardy : Jon Newham

Emma : Jilli Warren

Max : Rhymer Rigby

Laura : Dorothy Bradley

Livago : Peter Harris

Policeman : Gary Alexander


Director : Wendy Roskilly

Assistant director : Diana Evans

Stage Manager : Wendy Roskilly

Stage Crew : John Baskerville, William Heaton, Peter Harris

Lighting : Peter Fleming

Sound : Claire Fleming

Prompt : Joyce Elson

Costumes : Ruth Ferguson

Properties : Margaret Bachini, John Moules

Set construction : David Fyfe, John Elson, William Heaton, Michael Inskeep , John Baskerville