The Anastasia File

The Anastasia File by Royce Ryton   15th-17th February 1990

Did the daughter of Tsar Nicholas II die with the rest of the imperial family in 1918? Or was she the girl found in an asylum in 1920?

90 anatasia inner
90 anastasia extra1


Mrs Manahan : Frances Gaynor

Inspector : Douglas Harding

Other parts played by : Ray Bromelow, Stephen Gaynor, John Cruse, William Heaton, Rita Downing, Rita Prodger, Ella Edwards, Liz Pybus, Joyce Elson , Joe Wiles

Dancers : Jennifer Baskerville, Emma Roskilly, Joanna Roskilly


Director : Pat Baskerville

Stage Manager : Wendy Roskilly

Lighting : Kevin Dunnicliffe

Sound : John Baskerville

Prompt : Val Searle

Properties : Wendy Roskilly

Costumes : William Heaton

Set design : Pat Baskerville

Set construction : Noel Ripley , John Baskerville, John Elson, Robert Evans, William Heaton, Wendy Roskilly