Rose by Andrew Davies

15 -17 February 1996

Comedy. Rose is an English elementary school teacher who is dissatisfied with her life, both at home and at work. At the school she must contend with silly narrow mindedness and at home she must contend with a husband who appears bored both with marriage and with her.

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Rose : Georgette Vale

Mother : Joyce Elson

Smale : Diane Evans

Malpass : Mary-Ann Read

Sally : Claire Fleming

Jake : Jon Newham

Jim Beam : Terry Waller

Geoffrey : Douglas Harding

Father : Ray Bromelow


Director : Pat Baskerville

Stage Manager : Margaret Bachini

Assistant Stage Managers : Jon Newham, Terry Waller

Lighting : Peter Fleming

Sound : William Heaton

Prompt : Val Barber

Costumes : Claire Fleming

Photographs : Ray Bromelow

Set Design : Noel Ripley

Set construction : David Fyfe, Michael Inskeep , John Elson, William Heaton, Robert Evans, Nigel Sunderland, John Baskerville