Pink String and Sealing Wax

Pink string and Sealing Wax by Roland Pertwee   14th-16th November 1991

Drama. The wife of a pub landlord in Victorian Brighton, who is having an affair, wants to rid herself of her abusive husband. To accomplish this she befriends a young man who works in his father’s chemist shop and thus has access to poison.

91 sealing wax inner


Eva Strachan : Caroline Brooks

Mrs Strachan : Rita Prodger

Albert Strachan : Julian Bromelow

Edward Strachan : John Elson

Jessie Strachan : Joanna Roskilly

Emily Strachan : Frances Gaynor

Doctor O’Shea : Ray Bromelow

Ernest O’Shea : David Strong

Pearl Bond : Val Searle


Director : Winnie Stubbs

Stage Manager : Rita Downing

Lighting : William Heaton

Prompt : Diana Evans

Properties : Sarah Martin

Costumes : The Players

Set Design : Noel Ripley

Set construction : John Elson, William Heaton, Robert Evans, David Fyfe, Anthony Loftman