Nightmare: the Fright of Your Life

Nightmare: the Fright of Your Life by Roger S Moss    24-26 February 2000

Frank and Jenny Gilman think they have found their dream house: a converted chapel in a quiet country village. The dream soon turns into a nightmare, however, as they are attacked by intruders who seem, for some reason, to be interested only in the contents of the deep freeze. The true horror of their situation soon emerges in this taut and exciting, yet often blackly hilarious, horror thriller.

00 nightmare outer

00 nightmare inner


Miss Peterson: Claire Fleming

Jenny Gilman: Nicole Ashbrook

Frank Gilman: Douglas Harding

Mr Harvey: Jon Newham

Mr Watson: Joe M Hann

Jacqui Henderson: Marie Clefling


Director: Ruth Ferguson

Stage Managers: Pat Baskerville

ASM: John Baskerville

Prompt: Joyce Elson

Set Design: John Baskerville

Lighting: Peter Fleming

Sound: Mark Fleming

Properties: Margaret Bachini

Costumes: The Players

Fight sequence arranged by: Meg Musto

Set Builders: David Fyfe, John Elson, Peter Fleming, Michael Inskeep, John Baskerville, William Heaton