Natural Causes

Natural Causes by Eric Chappell      23 -25 May 1996

Vincent is a professional suicide merchant. He has been summoned by Walter Bryce and mistakenly assumes that his potion is for Walter’s consumption. Eventually it becomes clear that Walter’s wife Celia is the client or is she? Why are her suicide letters typed and unsigned? Several attempts to do away with various characters result in multiple poisonings of a rubber plant. Will anyone actually drink the potion?

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Vincent : Douglas Harding

Walter Bryce : Jon Newham

Angie : Kath Haverson

Celia Bryce : Claire Fleming

Withers : William Heaton


Director : Wendy Roskilly

Stage Manager : Rita Downing

Lighting : Peter Fleming

Sound : Peter Fleming

Prompt : Rita Prodger

Costumes : Claire Fleming

Properties : Margaret Bachini

Set construction : David Fyfe, Michael Inskeep , John Elson, William Heaton, Robert Evans