A Sting in the Tale

A Sting in the Tale by Brian Clemens and Dennis Spooner

7 -9 May 1998

Drama. Two once successful crime writing playwrights are writing a block bluster to pay off their mounting debts, or are they fulfilling their full potential by plotting the perfect murder? The nagging wife is the ideal victim, especially as she is heavily insured.

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Nigel Forbes : Douglas Harding

Max Goodman : Terry Waller

Jill Prentice : Kate Nichols

Ann Forbes : Meg Musto

Detective Inspector Berry : Darrell Kofkin


Director : Pat Phillips and Claire Fleming

Stage Manager : Jon Newham

Lighting : Peter Fleming

Sound : Peter Fleming and Diana Evans

Prompt : Rita Downing

Costumes : Claire Fleming and the Players

Properties : Margaret Bachini

Set construction : David Fyfe, John Elson, William Heaton

Backcloth painted by : Tracey Moss and Pam Moss