The Queen and the Rebels

The Queen and the Rebels by Ugo Betti  5th-7th March 1964

Drama. To the victims of three wars political necessity is a shabby excuse for totalitarian ruthlessness, and the courtesan Argia has suffered enough from brutal masters to despise them all, aristocrats and proletarians

64 queen reb outer64 queen reb inner


Orazio, the hall porter : Harry Kemp

The Engineer : Derek Lev

Amos, the commissar : John Elson

Raim : Edward Falcon

Argia : Valerie Coles

Elisabetta, the Queen : Joyce Elson

Biante, the General : Eric Bence

Maupa, his guard : Fred Morton

Travellers : Margaret Alston, Robina Gill, James Innes, Ken Wilson

Peasants : Anne Bartram, Rosemary Bowman, Roger Bradban, Barbara Hyatt, Glyn Lyne, Lynn Webster

A peasant boy : Anthony Coles


Producer : Maurice Coles

Stage Manager : Percy Simmonds

Electrician : David Fyfe

Stage décor : Leslie Dixon

Prompt : Diana Stead