Lloyd George knew my father

Lloyd George knew my father by William Douglas-Home  19th-21st May 1977

Black Comedy.  When Lady Boothroyd hears that the authorities are determined to drive a road through her grounds she announces her intention to kill herself the moment the bulldozers start on their shameful work.
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Lady Sheila Boothroyd : Rita Downing

General Sir William Boothroyd : Jim Harvey

Hubert Boothroyd M.P. : Roger Prutton

Maud Boothroyd : Margaret Gibbs

Sally Boothroyd : Ann Cotgrove

Simon Green : Richard Blake

Rev. Trevor Simmonds : John Moore

Robertson : John Elson


Director : Ella Edwards

Assistant Producer : Di Prutton

Stage Manager : Hugh Lamberton

Electrician : Mark Gifford

Sound effects : Russell Strong

Costumes : Noel Ripley

Properties : Ann Brooke-Smith

Prompt : Winnie Stubbs

Portrait painted by Tom Downing