Jitta’s Atonement

Jitta’s Atonement by Siegfried Trebitsch  18th-20th November 1965

An adaptation by George Bernard Shaw of the play Frau Gitta’s Sühne by Siegfried Trebitsch. A woman who has to atone to her husband for having an affair with his best friend. The atonement of both Jitta and other characters take unexpected forms. Shaw dramatically rewrote the last part of the play, giving it a more characteristically Shavian tone.

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Mrs Billiter : Winnie Stubbs

Flower girl : Lynn Webster

Bruno Haldenstedt : Roger Newman-Turner

Jitta Lenkheim : Eric Turner

Dr Fessler : Christopher Stockwell

Agnes Haldenstadt : Joyce Elson

Edith Haldenstadt : Janet Hudson


Producer : Maurice Coles

Stage Manager : Percy Simmonds

Set designer : Noel Ripley

Lighting : David Fyfe

Décor : John Elson and Les Nichol

Properties : Elaine Tickle

Costumes : The Settlement Players