Indians by Arthur Kopit  11th-13th November 1971

The hero is Buffalo Bill, whose life is defined and destroyed by an unfulfilled vision. Like all tragic heroes he has a fatal character flaw: he knows and loves the Native Americans, but craves money and fame. Ultimately, ambition leads him to great cruelty, destroying both the tribes and himself.

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Buffalo Bill : Jim Harvey

Sitting Bull : Chris Hutchinson

Senator Logan : John Elson

Senator Dawes : John Cruse

Senator Morgan : James Innes

John Grass : Chris Robson

Spotted tail : Vince Cook

Grand Duke Alexis : Donald Griggs

Interpreter : Michael Sampson

Ned Buntline : Stan Benn

Geronimo ; Allen Boore

Ol’ Time President : Donald Griggs

First Lady : Joyce Elson

Wild Bill Hickok : Michael Sampson

Teskanjavila : Valerie Coles

Chief Uncas : John Francey

Annie Oakley : Helen Weerasinghe

Chief Joseph : John Moore

Jesse James : Trevor Cox

Billy the Kid : Roy Doherty

Poncho : Valerie Coles

Colonel Forsyth : John Elson

Reporter : John Francey

Soldiers : Anthony Coles and Noel Ripley

Cowboys (Russians) : Trevor Cox and Roy Doherty

Abilene Girls’ School Lassoo Society (Phoney Indians, Russians) : Caroline Pryn, Debby Payne, Avril Swann, Mandy Parfitt, Rachel Young, Eileen Maciejewska

Indians : Betty Harvey, Sue Harvey, Joyce Elson , Hazel Moxon

Singer : Trevor Cox


Director : Noel Ripley

Stage Manager : David Fyfe

Lighting : Russell Strong

Sound effects : Diana Evans

Prompt : Sandra Woollett

Musical Arrangement : Chris Makepeace, Barbara Makepeace, Janet Tate, John Elson

Costumes : Settlement Players, Betty Harvey, Mrs Gibbs

Properties designer : Noel Ripley