Daughter of the Left Hand

Daughter of the Left Hand by Norman Holland  15-17 May 1975

The play is set in early Edwardian southern England and is centred around the household of retired Colonel Rex Hallam and his tightly knit and conventional family – or so it seems.

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Maggie Walters : Frances Lloyd

Rev. Randall Cooper : John Elson

Harriet Hallam : Andy Wallace

Lesley Hallam : Margaret Gibbs

Mildred Drew : Marie Brooks

Vivian Hallam : Michael Walker

Rex Hallam : Colin Cushley

Lillah : Diana Evans

Nicola : Frances Gaynor

Vashti Kemp-Collet : Joyce Elson


Producer : Winnie Stubbs

Stage Manager : Michael Lewis

Prompt : Sue Bruce-Ball

Properties : Ann Brook-Jones

Lighting : Mark Gifford