Auditions for ‘Neville’s Island’

Auditions for June Play Neville’s Island by Tim Firth, directed by Jenn Groves

The auditions for Neville’s Island will take place at The Settlement on Sunday March 2 nd at 6 pm and Sunday March 9 th at 6 pm.  What happens when four middle-aged, middle-class middle managers have to survive in the middle of nowhere? ‘Neville’s Island’ is a dark comedy by Tim Firth featuring four workmates on an ‘Outward Bound’ exercise, who end up stranded on a small island in the Lake District. As you would expect from the writer of ‘Calendar Girls’, it has good characterisation, some cracking Northern humour, and is not afraid to consider the darker side of workplace relationships! Described as a cross between ‘The IT Crowd’ and ‘Lord of the Flies’, it should also feature an ambitious set, dangerous props and the opportunity to get your kit off onstage (under a towel) and develop hypothermia.

The characters: (all male and ‘middle-aged’, the latter being very much open to interpretation)

Neville: having been voted ‘captain’ over breakfast, Neville is determined to remain calm, patient and reasonable in the face of his hopeless team, and the fact that he has led them completely astray. He attempts throughout the play to keep the peace and stop everyone falling apart.

Gordon: a dour, mean malcontent whose cruel sarcasm provides many of the play’s best one-liners. Has to sing a tiny bit, but badly.

Angus: a bit dim, a bit of a loser, the epitome of “all the gear and no idea”, and the butt of many of Gordon’s jokes. Angus’ self-doubt increases in each scene.

Roy: a born-again Christian who has recently returned to work following a prolonged breakdown – and who is heading for a spectacular relapse. Has to sing a bit, slightly better than Gordon.

If you are interested in a role but can’t make the audition dates, or want to know more, please contact Jenn on . Hope to see many of our men reading for these parts.