Audition notice


I will be holding auditions for the 2015 Festival Play in the Settlement Green room at 11.00am on Sunday 11 January 2015.

The play is called After Midnight, Before Dawn by David Campton and is set in a 16th century prison cell and is about the last night before execution of 6 witches. It needs 6 persons, ideally 4 women & 2 men. It invloves the anxieties of each on their last night, and accelerates when the central character declares that she will not be hanged in the morning. It develops as each explores how this one person is so assured she can beat the gallows and the rest want to know how and can they do so too. It builds from a slow start to a shocking and stunning climax.

The play will require period costume, manacles for all, no set other than blacks and 2 benches, very little light but lots of character driven atmosphere. An interesting and different piece that will be both a challenge and hugely satisfying.

The Sawston Festival is on 19-21 March 2015, plus you need to be available for the April one act play evening at The Settlement,11th April, and a date in late April at the Bedford Festival.

Happy new year to you all

Cliff Francis