Audition Notice Queen Margaret

Audition Notice: Queen Margaret by William Shakespeare Adapted by Jeanie O’Hare

Audition dates: Wed 20th Nov at 8pm in the Hall and Sun 24th Nov at 8pm in the Hall.
Rehearsals will be Mon, Wed, and some Sun Later in the rehearsal schedule.
Production days: 13/14 and 20/21 March 2020

I can provide a copy of the script.  Auditions will focus on scenes 1,2,17,18,20.
If you would like to audition but cannot make the dates, or would like more information about the play or characters, then please email: 

Hungry for power and angered by their king, the nobles of Henry VI’s court plot and scheme against each other. As Henry wavers and the factions split, Queen Margaret is determined to hold on to power and protect the crown that will one day belong to her son.

Using Shakespeare’s original lines, alongside new text, Jeanie O’Hare retells the Wars of the Roses through the eyes of the Queen. A captivating exploration of an iconic moment in British history, the play premiered at the Royal Exchange, Manchester, in September 2018, directed by Elizabeth Freestone and featuring Jade Anouka as Margaret of Anjou.

This play has a big cast with big speeches and is mostly in Shakespearian iambic pentameter.
The setting will be somewhat modern.  There are lots of good parts for women as some of the male roles have been switched to female.  Ages are not important at this point, I am looking for characterisation.

Queen Margaret Queen Henry VI F  
Henry VI The King M  
Prince Edward Son Henry VI M of F*  
Joan of Arc Spirit of France F  
Bagot A petitioner M or F *  
Cardinal Beaufort Uncle to Henry VI M  
Duke of Somerset Advisors to Henry VI M  
Duke of Suffolk Advisors to Henry VI M*  
Lord Clifford Advisors to Henry VI M*  
Duke of York Henry VI cousin F  
Edward (later Edward IV) Son Duke York M  
Richard (later Richard III) Son Duke York M  
Edmund, Earl of Rutland Son Duke York M*  
Humphrey Duke Gloucester Uncle to Henry VI, regent M*  
Earl of Warwick, First Lord North    Kingmaker, nephew Duke York   F
The People  
Hume – The Common Man Plays all sides, multiple characters F  

*There may be doubling, cast size is flexible as are role genders.