Audition notice for the September Open Evening – Auditions Sun 24th July 10am, Wednesday 27th 8pm.

Audition notice for the September Open evening,  Production Date 10th September 2016.

 The Opposite of Claustrophobic by Rob Johnston. 

Directed by Helen Faulkner and Jenn Groves.
The play takes place in a quiet Manchester suburb. The play opens just as Joe, a burglar, starts to come-to, having previously been rendered unconscious by Ann, a frustrated, axe-wielding, housewife who is fed up of being told what to do by men. What follows is an emotional roller coaster, they both have problems, they are both running away in some form.
Perhaps they can run away together?

 Ann – 40s/50s
Joe – 30s?

 Auditions Sun 24th July 10am, Wednesday 27th 8pm. At the Settlement, Letchworth, Nevell’s Rd, SG6 4UB

 If you are interested but not available on those dates, let me know.

The play is 31 pages double space so should run for about 50-60 mins (it’s previously been used as a festival piece so it’s not much longer than that.

There are only two characters and it is quite a verbal piece.

No ages are given but I imagine Ann to be approx. middle aged, based on the dialogue.

Joe is younger but old enough to have spent 7 years in prison (possibly 30s), he mentions that his gran was a girl in the war, so late 70s early 80s would be about right. I’m not going to stick with ages too much though.