Audition Notice – Dad’s Army Performance Dates 17th-19th November

Audition Notice. Dad’s Army Performance Dates 17th-19th November

Well, the time has finally arrived. I’ve been looking forward to this so much. The auditions for the November production, Dad’s Army, will be at 2.00pm on Sunday 26th June and 8.00pm on Wednesday 29th June. I hope to see you at at least one of them.

The stage script is comprised of three very popular episodes of the much beloved TV series. The first is The Deadly Attachment, where our heroes take custody of a captured U-Boat Captain and some of his crew after their U-Boat has been sunk. The second episode is called Mum’s Army, where some local women are recruited to join our heroes in their fight against the Axis. The final story is The Godiva Affair; whilst rehearsing their Morris dancing, the platoon become embroiled in the search for a Lady Godiva to feature in the local parade.

There are lots of parts in this production for actors of both sexes and all ages. The parts I need to cast are:

Captain Mainwaring
Sergeant Wilson
Corporal Jones
Private Frazer
Private Godfrey
Private Walker
Private Pike
Private Sponge
Private Cheeseman
A Colonel
U-Boat Captain
The Verger
ARP Warden Hodges
The Vicar
Mrs Gray
Mrs Pike
Mrs Fox
Edith Parish
Miss Ironside
Ivy Samways
Town Clerk
Some U-Boat crewmen

I anticipate some actors being asked to play more than one part in some cases.

I’m not looking for impressions of the actors who played these parts on TV. I want to give our actors the chance to interpret the characters for themselves.

I am arranging a basic training session on the morning of 31st July for all those actors who are cast as members of the Walmington-on-sea home guard. We will be taught all of the drill, including rifle drill, that we will need for the show.

Rehearsals will then start in August. I expect to do one rehearsal a week until September when we will move it up to three a week (Monday, Wednesday, Sunday). A rehearsal schedule will be sent out to everyone who is cast.

This is going to be a lot of fun to do. I expect to laugh a lot while we are working but I also expect to work hard. I hope that you come to at least one of the auditions and that you become part of what I am sure will be a great show. If you can’t make it to an audition but want to be considered for a part, email me at and we’ll sort something out.

Jim Anderson – Director