Audition Notice

Audition Notice

Helen Faulkner is going to direct two short plays for the evening of April 11th at the Settlement.


“A hilarious tale about two very different types of dog owner”.

Two owners meet in a park with their dogs (hand puppets worked by the actors) and discuss their differences and the possible result of nature taking its course when it turns out both dogs disappeared underneath the bandstand for a time.

Two females – age indeterminate, one perhaps slightly ‘posh’ the other more ‘down to earth’

Estimated run time 15 mins.

Cupboard love

“Peggy and Jane come to rest after jogging on the seafront. As they chat they find to their delight that they have much in common: both are excellent cooks; both are fighting the flab acquired through preparing rich meals for a new gentleman friend. But when they discover, to their horror, they share a passion for the same man, the two women devise their culinary revenge on the deceiver”

Two women – 50s (suggested)

Run time 15 mins.

Auditions will be held at the Settlement at 2.00pm on Sunday 1st March and 8.00pm on Monday 2nd March.