Audition Notice


Two plays to be performed on 8 and 9th Sep at the Settlement and one to go to Cambridge Drama Festival which runs 14-16th Sep.

Audition Dates:
Sunday 2nd July in Hall 7 p.m. and Monday 3rd July 8 p.m. In the Hall.

Play written and to be directed by Stuart Cocks
This one act is only being performed at the Settlement.

Here Comes the Sun

At a rural laboratory in the 1960s two scientists work late into the night. As one of them is pondering if their latest results are significant they get some unexpected visitors.


George. Age 30-50
Andrew. Age 30-50
Silvia Age 20-40
Abigail: Age 20-60
Smith: Age 20-60

I can be flexible on the ages as long as the age combinations work together. If anyone would like to read the script prior to the readings then please let me know and I’d be happy to forward a copy (with the caveat that I may tweak it before the readings).

Play written by Claire Hogan (Pranksy) to celebrate the Players Centenary, and to be directed by Stephen Charles
This one act is will be performed at the Settlement and go to the Cambridge Drama Festival

The Players Centenary Play – Fake and Fortune

A comedic imagining of the Players putting on a special production. The play takes place inside on the stage of the local amateur dramatics group home venue of The Settlement. Covid has left the Arts Centre financially crippled. With only months to go to The Settlements Centennial anniversary, the centre faces closure leaving the local Am Dram group with two dilemmas’, what play will they choose for their centennial anniversary the following year and would they need to find a new venue as well as a play?

Can the cast use their talents on and off the stage to keep the Settlement open and a home for their dysfunctional group of actors.



Simon: 40+ – President of the Settlement Players.

Penny: 30+ – Works for a marketing company in London after failing to make it as an actress.

Verity: 29+ (alright 40 plus) Drama Queen on and off the stage. Posh. One of her many hobbies to fill her time when her husband is off on Business trips or away with his mistress.

Trish: 30-70 Pragmatic, teacher with left wing views.

Jan: 40+ Helps out with costumes. Married to Jim

Julian: 50+ likes to think of himself as the leading man in every play. Irrespective of the age of the role. Married to Jen

Danny: Middle aged. Cheeky chappie. Doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Julie/Mark: Quiet but creatively deep.

Judy: Mildred’s Daughter and carer. Has a bit of a thing for Danny and often see furtive glances between them.

Mildred: Oldest member of the group. Speaks bluntly and often inappropriately.

Dawn: Talented younger actress, struggling to make ends meet. Always helps others.

Nicki: 40+ Head of the Settlement


Person with torch: Walk-on

Comet Reporter: Male or female no age restriction. Very confident

Fiona Bruce: This could be an audio pre-recorded

Banksy: Male – brief appearance at end. A few words but we never see this face

Final script will be available for the audition. (We are working to some tight timelines!)