Audition Notice

Audition notice for two one act plays for our April one act evening on April 13th 2019 Sunday 27th 10am in main building and Wednesday 30th at 8pm, in the hall

Huis Clos (or No Exit) by Jean-Paul Sartre
This existentialist play finds three damned souls in an unknown room with no way out. Joseph Garcin – His cowardice and callousness caused his young wife to die “of grief” after his execution.
Inès Serrano – Inès is the second character to enter the room. A lesbian postal clerk, she turned a wife against her husband.
Estelle Rigault – Estelle is a high-society woman, who married an older man for his money and had an affair with a younger man.
Valet – A smaller role, enters with each character and main dialogue with Joseph.

Phillip and Rowena by Gillian Plowman
Phillip and Rowena are termanilly ill and find friendship and love as they face death. Phillip, 70
Rowena, 65
Janet, 30-40
Lillian 70
Jeremy 30-40
Heather 30-40
Doctor, 30+
There will be some doubling of characters. Ages are a guide only.