Amanda Thurman

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Amanda Thurman Joined the Settlement Players in 2011.

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[wptabtitle] Acting Credits[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

Froanna Lewis in The Wise Man Knows, (one act Festivals), April 2012
Katie in Babysitting Calvin, September 2013

[/wptabcontent] [wptabtitle] Technical credits [/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

Stage Manager:
Prescription for murder, June 2011

Whodidit?, (Festivals – Sawston and Haynes), April 2013
The Man in the Bowler Hat, (Festivals – Sawston and Haynes), April 2013

Sound and Lighting:
Arcadia, February 2011

Set Construction:
Breaking the Code, June 2013


[wptabtitle] Awards[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

Best Actor/Actress in a supporting role as Froanna Lewis for The Wise Man Knows, Sawston Drama Festival 2012