Hidden Meanings

Hidden Meanings by Michael Snelgrove   10th April 1992

A Reprise of the performance performed as part of the February 1992 main production.
Performed at the Letchworth Little Theatre 30th Drama Festival 9 – 11 April 1992

Rodney and George are to provide a dramatic interlude at the Sherlock Holmes Society’s annual congress. Events turn truly dramatic when George discovers the body of Rodney’s financial director, dressed as Moriarty, in Rodney’s cupboard.


Professor Moriarty / Charles Meaning : Ray Bromelow

Holmes / Rodney Carson : Douglas Harding

Doctor Watson / George Humby : Terry Waller

Mrs Hudson / Edna : Joyce Elson

Sylvia Carson : Pat Phillips

Inspector Jobling : John Elson

Moira Meaning : Diana Evans

Glenda : Heather Sugars

Deirdre, Edna’s daughter : Val Searle


Director : Ruth Ferguson

Stage Manager : Hedley Parkins