Twentieth Century Lullaby and Cats of Egypt

Twentieth Century Lullaby by Cedric Mount and Cats of Egypt by T B Morris
Performed 14th December 1940 at St Georges Hall Common View Letchworth

In aid of the Church of England Christian Reconstruction Fund1940 20th C and cats egypt outer 1940 20th C and cats egypt inner


Twentieth Century Lullaby

Mary Smith : Eileen Fanning

Schoolmaster : Sydney Rapson

Clergyman : Harry Doherty

Reporter : Myrtle Rowland

Business Man : Joe Platten

The Bride : Mary Footman

Politician : Eric Milton

The Madonna : Sybil Adams

Cats of Egypt

Charmain : Myrtle Rowland

Iras : Peggy Adams

Polynena : Eileen Fanning

Cleopatra : Pamela Francis

Arisnoc : Mary Footman

Sudha : Joe Platten

Attendants : Sheila Kennelly and Joyce Willis


Director : Gwen Spinks