Hobson’s Choice (Act I)

Hobson’s Choice by Harold Brighouse 
Performed 10th June 1972 at the Welwyn Drama Festival

The story is set in Salford in 1880. It bears many resemblances to the stories of Cinderella and King Lear including a deceased mother; three daughters, two of whom are pretty and frivolous, the third of whom is clever and hardworking; and a fairy godmother

Information from 1972 Welwyn Drama Festival Programme, Welwyn Resource Library Ref: 792 Local Studies


Alice Hobson : Joyce Elson

Maggie Hobson : Diana Evans

Vickie Hobson : Margaret Dutton

Albert Prosser : Tony Sharp

Henry Horatio Hobson : Jim Harvey

Mrs Hepworth : Elaine Tickle

Timothy Wadlow (Tubby) : Donald Griggs

William Mossop : John Elson

Jim Heeler : Russell Strong, Bill Moxorf (Welwyn)

Ade Figgins : Helen Weerasinghe


Producer : Winnie Stubbs

Stage Design : Noel Ripley