Festival of Plays

Sometime, Never…? by Guida Swan and Joan Hyde
The Truth about the Truth by Benn W Levy
No Entry by James Innes

27-28th May 1960 at The Little Theatre, Letchworth

60 fest plays outter 60 fest plays inner


Sometime, Never…?

Jane Hope-Green : Lin Ripley-Henshaw

John Hope, Her Husband : Malcolm Page

Henry Green : George Taylor

Mavis Farringdon-Smith : Connie O’Neill

The Truth about the Truth

Mr Dodson : Antony Clayton

Violet : Patricia Smedley

Miss Diana : Susan Fleming

No Entry

Joan Smith, A Housewife : Joyce Jones

Cynthia Strong, A Friend : Agnes Lyons

Dr John Royd, A Psychiatrist : John Elson

Polly Royd, His Wife : Jennifer Beattie

Bill Smith, Joan’s Husband : Alan Whiteman


Stage Manager : Percy Simmonds

Electrician : Michael Beattie