Halfway up the tree

Halfway up the tree by Peter Ustinov   19th-21th November 1987

Comedy satire. It begins with the return from middle east duty of a general who finds he hardly recognizes his children. His son has embraced the new cult of the moment and his daughter is enceinte by persons unknown. Rather than rant and rave, the general looks into the matter. And, by george, he even adapts to it. The children protest that he is aping them and trying to shame them into going back into society; but no, he is in earnest as he climbs a tree and elevates the cult to new realms. Soon, everybody wants a tree to climb into.

87 up tree inner


Lady Fitzbuttress : Diana Evans

Helga : Glenis Marchini

General Sir Mallalieu Fitzbuttress : Douglas Harding

Robert : Julian Newman-Turner

Lesley : Helen Gaynor

Judy : Wendy Roskilly

Basil Utterwood : William Heaton

Brigadier “Tiny” Gilliatt-Brown : John Moules

Vicar : Peter Lee


Director : Ella Edwards

Assistant Director : Mary Finlayson

Set Design : Noel Ripley

Stage Manager : David Fyfe

Lighting : Kevin Dunnicliffe

Sound : Mark Gifford

Prompt : Barbara Brockway

Costumes : Winnie Stubbs, William Heaton

Properties : Frances Gaynor, Sally Pearce

Set construction : David Fyfe, John Elson, William Heaton, Noel Ripley , Robert Evans, Nigel Sunderland