The Red Barn Mystery

The Red Barn Mystery by Noel Ripley  12th-14th November 1970

Based on The Red Barn Murder,  a notorious murder committed in Polstead, Suffolk, England in 1827. A young woman, Maria Marten, disappears with her lover William Corder.

70 redbarn outer

70 redbarn inner

70 redbarn extra

70 red barn extra 1 70 red barn extra 2


William Corder : Tony Gilby

Gypsy : Valerie Coles

Maria Marten : Joyce Elson

Mrs Marten : Winnie Stubbs

Mr Marten : Roger Newman-Turner

Councillor 1 : John Elson

Councillor 2 : Jim Harvey

Councillor 3 : Diana Evans

Ballad Seller : Donald Griggs

Reverend Hyatt : Russell Strong

J. Curtiss : John Cruse

Maria Marten : Anna Futak

Hannah Fandango : Valerie Coles

Mrs Marten : Margaret Dutton

Beauty Smith : Trevor Cox

Thomas Griffith Wainwright : Roger Newman-Turner


Director : Noel Ripley

Stage Manager : Kathleen Dickinson

Lighting : Chris Makepeace

Sound effects : Barbara Cox

Prompt : Betty Harvey

Costumes : Betty Harvey

Slide Projection : James Innes and Reg Knight

Music Specially composed for the Production : Janet Tate

Instrumentalists : June Moore, Douglas Tate, Janet Tate

Singers : David Moore, Susan Wearmouth, Elizabeth Bandy