Semi-detached by David Turner  7th-9th May 1964

Satire. Set in the Midlands, Fred Midway is working his way up the social ladder. His desire to be accepted in circles to which he and his family do not really belong occupies much of his energy.

64 semi detac outer64 semi detac inner



Hilda Midway : Muriel Woollons

Tom Midway : Fred Morton

Fred Midway : Eric Bence

Eileen Midway : Janet Hudson

Robert Freeman : Derek Lev

Avril Hadfield : Jacqueline Cresswell.

Nigel Hadfield : Roger Newman-Turner

Garnet Hadfield : Elaine Tickle

Arnold Makepiece : Harry Kemp


Producer : Joan Dixon

Stage Manager : Percy Simmonds

Lighting : David Fyfe

Sound effects : Douglas Tate

Set décor : Leslie Dixon

Prompt : Robina Gill