Bonaventure by Charlotte Hastings  23rd-25th May 1968

A flood in the fen country has trapped two prison officials and their prisoner, Sarat Carn, who is on her way to the gallows for the murder of her brother. But Sister Mary Bonaventure is convinced of her innocence.

68 bonadven outer

68 bonadven inner

68 bonadven review


Nurse Phillips : Margaret Alston

Nurse Brent : Helen Weerasinghe

Sister Josephine : Muriel Woollens

Willy Pentridge : Russell Strong

Sister Mary Bonaventure : Joyce Elson

Dr Jeffreys : John Elson

The Mother Superior : Valerie Coles

Melling : James Innes

Sarat Carn : Margaret Dutton

Martha Pentridge : Winnie Stubbs


Producer : Gwen Spinks

Stage Manager : Percy Simmonds

Lighting and effects : Chris Makepeace

Costumes : Elaine Tickle

Props : Dorothy Budd

Prompt : Diana Stead