An Italian straw hat

An Italian straw hat by Eugene Labiche and Marc-Michel

11-13 May 1961

A comedy, originally in French,  is set in Paris in the middle of the 19th century, on the morning of the day on which Fadinard, a well-to-do bachelor, is to marry Hélène Nonancourt, daughter of a suburban market-gardener.  On the way, his horse has eaten a straw hat hung on a bush. The hat belonged to Anaïs, an ex-girlfriend of Fadinard’s, who has been dallying behind the bush with her lover, Émile. She and Émile have followed Fadinard to his house, and they insist on a replacement hat, explaining that Anaïs’s husband is obsessively jealous and would demand to know the circumstances in which she lost her original hat.

61 strawhat outter

61 strawhat inner


Virgina, Mme Beaujolais’ maid : Julia Mosely

Felix, Fardinard’s valet : George Taylor

Vezinet, Helen’s deaf uncle : Joe Platten

Fadinard, the bridegroom : Charles Taylor

Emile Tavernier : Edward Falcon

Annette, Mme Beaujolais : Susanne Carter

Nonancourt : James Innes

Helen, the bride : Delyth Jones

Boby, the bride’s cousin : Michale Phizacklea

Clara, a milliner : Barbara Bailey

Tardiveau : Harry Kemp

La Comtesse de Champigny : Elaine Tickle

Achille de Rosalba : John Craddick

A footman : John Cruse

La Duchesse de Chateau Gaillard : Agnes Lyons

Mlle Ondine de Chateau Lapompe : Sheila Lamb

La Duc de Chateau Gaillard : Ray Holt

Clotilde, the comtesse’s maid : Pauline Bryant

M. Beaujolais : Eric Oldham

A Corporal of the National Guard : John Cruse

Guests at the wedding, National Guards : John Cruse, Ray Holt, Malcolm Page, Ken Spinks , Agnes Lyons, Sheila Lamb, Pauline Bryant, Frances Miller, Barbara Bailey


Producers : Ken Spinks and Noel Ripley

Stage Manager and Electrician : Percy Simmonds

Music arranged by : Janet Tate & Douglas Tate

Effects : Michael Beattie

Scenery : John Morris

Costumes : The Players Wardrobe