An Italian straw hat

An Italian straw hat by Eugene Labiche and Marc-Michel  11th-13th May 1961

A comedy, originally in French,  is set in Paris in the middle of the 19th century, on the morning of the day on which Fadinard, a well-to-do bachelor, is to marry Hélène Nonancourt, daughter of a suburban market-gardener.  On the way, his horse has eaten a straw hat hung on a bush.

61 strawhat outter

61 strawhat inner


Virgina, Mme Beaujolais’ maid : Julia Mosely

Felix, Fardinard’s valet : George Taylor

Vezinet, Helen’s deaf uncle : Joe Platten

Fadinard, the bridegroom : Charles Taylor

Emile Tavernier : Edward Falcon

Annette, Mme Beaujolais : Susanne Carter

Nonancourt : James Innes

Helen, the bride : Delyth Jones

Boby, the bride’s cousin : Michale Phizacklea

Clara, a milliner : Barbara Bailey

Tardiveau : Harry Kemp

La Comtesse de Champigny : Elaine Tickle

Achille de Rosalba : John Craddick

A footman : John Cruse

La Duchesse de Chateau Gaillard : Agnes Lyons

Mlle Ondine de Chateau Lapompe : Sheila Lamb

La Duc de Chateau Gaillard : Ray Holt

Clotilde, the comtesse’s maid : Pauline Bryant

M. Beaujolais : Eric Oldham

A Corporal of the National Guard : John Cruse

Guests at the wedding, National Guards : John Cruse, Ray Holt, Malcolm Page, Ken Spinks , Agnes Lyons, Sheila Lamb, Pauline Bryant, Frances Miller, Barbara Bailey


Producers : Ken Spinks and Noel Ripley

Stage Manager and Electrician : Percy Simmonds

Music arranged by : Janet Tate & Douglas Tate

Effects : Michael Beattie

Scenery : John Morris

Costumes : The Players Wardrobe